We are working with Galliford Try, a multi-academy trust and the ESFA to help evidence support for a new comprehensive school in Oxford

We have created an online consultation hub using the participatr platform, as part of a wider public engagement exercise by Sulis Public Affairs on a masterplan for the Harlow Centre in Oxford, which includes a new school for 11-18 year olds.

A key planning issue is the justification for the school in this location, and
the consultation website was designed to gather views from local residents and from prospective parents in the local community on the school plans, which include new facilities for existing schools at the Harlow Centre.

Having held two traditional 'drop-in' evening events, the level of support for the plans stood at 48%. However, our smartphone-compatible website provided the opportunity for young parents, of school-age children in particular, to get involved and have their say at their convenience.

Over the course of the following two weeks, 76% of those that submitted feedback online expressed support for the project, 82% of which were parents of school-age children that didn't make it along the drop-in events. During this period, 161 people responded online, compared to only 92 at the drop-in events.

This shifted the overall level of project support to 66%, and our interactive pinpoint map shows that the majority of supporters reside close to the proposed school site, in turn demonstrating the need for the school in this location to elected members of Oxford City Council.

The consultation website can be visited at www.marstonschools.com.

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