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Spatial and transport planning policy

Citizens can pinpoint locations where they would like to see buildings and transport infrastructure built. As the map is populated with ideas, this builds a big picture of community aspirations to inform planning policy.

Active travel planning and troubleshooting

Citizens can pinpoint safety and usability issues with cycle routes, streets and footpaths. Participants can agree with comments already submitted, revealing the strength of feeling on certain issues and helping you set priorities.

Urban design and placemaking

Citizens can upload a photo to highlight what they like and don't like about streets and civic spaces. The feedback can inform landscape masterplans and urban design frameworks, shaping places around the needs of people.

Community-led and neighbourhood planning

Residents can pinpoint aspects of their environment they like and want to see change. This helps steering groups identify key issues and respond positively in plan policies, increasing the chance of a 'yes' vote at referendum.

Pre-application consultation

Young, busy, working people can comment on your plans using a mobile device, at home or on the move. This brings more constructive and balanced feedback, whilst saving on costs associated with traditional consultation techniques.

Urban and estate regeneration

Residents can pinpoint ideas, issues and aspirations for their estate or community. This builds trust in housing providers and helps them make informed decisions about public spaces, funding priorities and housing need.

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