Our online consultations bring more balanced, representative and valuable outcomes

Mobile-compatible and accessible 24/7

Our consultation websites are fully smartphone-compatible, easy-to-use, intuitive and accessible for younger and busier people, bringing more balanced, robust, representative and positive consultation outcomes.

Open, trustworthy and transparent

Comments, issues, ideas and proposals submitted by participants can be made publicly visible in a range of highly visual formats, building trust in your organisation and transparency in your consultation process.

Reports issues and outcomes in real-time

Our consultation websites provide a real-time snapshot of feedback, on demand, throughout the process. This helps you identify key community issues as soon as they emerge and address them before they build a head of steam.

Builds relationships with citizens

Our websites are more than just a 'cookie cutter' consultation tool. News updates, event listings, video content and email blast tools help you keep the conversation going with the community and mobilise them to act when it matters.

Measures the reach and depth of engagement

Our in-built analytics tools report website hits by time of day, location, device type and the website they came from (e.g. Facebook or a local community group), helping you demonstrate the reach and depth of engagement.

Extends your reach using social media

Visitors can share comments, pages, news updates and events seamlessly across the most popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp, in a few clicks. This helps you build additional interest and extend your reach.

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