Platform tools:
Pin-drop comment map
Anyone can highlight an idea, issue or proposal for a site, street location, building or public space by dropping a pin on a map (using GPS to find their current location if they're out and about) and uploading a photo. Pins are colour-coded to reveal feelings about a place.
Interactive polls and surveys
Simple, visual polls and surveys help people influence materials, design principles, priorities and project outcomes from an early stage. As plans are formulated, drawings, CGIs and diagrams are presented alongside questions for communities to comment on in-turn.
Results dashboard
The results of surveys and polls are visualised in real-time, revealing the live breakdown of responses back to the community. This helps gain community trust and build a sense of transparency in the community engagement process.
Project information hub
Our platform displays project information in a lay person-friendly and conversational format, by topic or interest area, allowing the community to find the information that matters to them quickly and easily, on any device, and download further information if required.
Comment support and share
People can show their support for suggestions, ideas, issues and comments already submitted, and share with social media followers, friends and neighbours in two clicks. This helps gauge the strength of feeling on any given issue and helps get more people involved.
News and events feed
Our platform makes it easy for project teams to keep the community up to date on project progress with news updates and provide details of future events, such as drop-in sessions, meetings or opportunities to get involved.
Project timeline
The timeline sets out key project milestones, such as the planning application submission date and practical completion date, and sets the engagement exercise within it's context. It updates automatically as the project progresses, highlighting the current stage of activity.
Project team dashboard
The dashboard reports feedback and website visitor stats in real-time, helping you respond and act quickly. It also provides tools to input analogue feedback, create file downloads, produce reports, send email blasts to filtered groups of participants and edit web content.
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