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We get lots of common questions about what we offer and our way of working. We’ve tried to answer those questions below, and we’ll keep adding questions as we are asked them.
What does Participatr do?

We partner with urban designers, architects, town planners and communications teams to offer a digital facet to engagement on built environment projects. By creating interactive and smartphone-compatible websites, we give people the opportunity to get involved and have their say from the palm of their hand, at a time and place that suits them.

Why work with Participatr?

Our specialist service complements and adds value to face-to-face engagement, such as drop-in events, workshops, charrettes and one-to-one meetings. Our easy-to-use engagement websites create a truly-accessible online environment for traditionally disenfranchised people in the community, who may not ordinarily have the time, natural motivation and level of comfort to get involved in a face-to-face setting. By making the engagement process more open and accessible, it brings more diverse and representative outcomes and in, turn, better outcomes for communities and agents of change.

What kind of service does Participatr offer?

Clever tech is only one element of successful digital engagement. A slick, user-friendly interface is vital, but the website should be flexible enough to provide different types of information and capture different types of community insight at each stage of the process. It needs to be carefully curated to tell a positive story about your project in a language that everyone can understand and the content must be truly responsive to and viewable on any internet access device.

Our bespoke digital tools are crafted with complete flexibility in mind, designed to respond to the unique circumstances of each stage of each project and the profile of the community that it affects. For each project, we deploy the right set of online and offline tools for people to engage quickly and easily, whilst carefully curating the digital content to meet the expectations of stakeholders, tell a compelling story about what you're looking to achieve and work seamlessly on any device that it is accessed on.

How do you get people to visit the engagement website in the first place?

Engagement websites should be accompanied by an intelligent outreach campaign to get people there in the first place, which isn't usually as simple as doing a mail-drop or creating some social media promoted content. This demands a deep understanding of the community that you are engaging with, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our work usually involves a stage of stakeholder and community research, to understand the dynamics and demographics of the community that you are engaging with and how best to reach the people that matter. This usually involves a mix of paid-for social media promotion, printed publicity, pro-active social media engagement and one-to-one conversations with community leaders who can provide trusted information through existing communication channels. We always carry out this initial research and include a bespoke outreach strategy in our initial proposal, to give you comfort over strategy and cost before you give us the go-ahead.

How can I commission Participatr for my project?

The first stage is for us to discuss the unique requirements and context of your project and understand what you want to achieve from the engagement process. We will then propose a bespoke solution, including a mix of digital tools to suit your project requirements and the methods we propose to engage with the community based on our local research and insight. We will propose a fixed fee to cover our activities for a set period of time and include the cost of optional extras, offering you certainty but flexibility to adapt if necessary.

What else do you offer in addition to digital engagement tools?

We can advise on broader engagement strategy, drawing on several years of 'at the coalface' experience working on planning, transport, urban regeneration and energy projects to become a valuable member of your project team. We can also assist with stakeholder mapping, social media promotion campaigns, print publicity and digital design to supplement our engagement websites and bolster participation by the community.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is priced on a bespoke basis, responding directly to the unique circumstances and profile of each project. This depends on the range of digital tools required, the time involved in launching and maintaining the engagement website and carrying out any other services, any third-party costs for printing or social promotion and the duration of the engagement process.

We can provide broad costs for typical project scenarios on request - please Get in touch for more details.

Can your product be white-labelled?

We custom brand our engagement websites to your specific requirements, including fonts, logos, colours, graphics and content. Many of our engagement websites have common technical features and tools, but they are designed to integrate seamlessly with the brand and visual identity of your project or organisation.

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