We have answered your most common questions
We get lots of common questions about what we offer and our way of working. We’ve tried to answer those questions below, and we’ll keep adding questions as we are asked them.
Why work with Participatr?

We have several years of engagement experience, so we understand the complexities of built environment projects, how to communicate them in human terms and how communities tick.

We also understand that digital tools are just one part of meaningful engagement. Our websites are designed to complement and add value to face-to-face conversations at drop-in events, workshops, charrettes and one-to-one meetings, rather than replace them. By making the process more open and accessible, we help project teams achieve more diverse and representative community insights and, in turn, better social, economic and commercial outcomes from built environment and placemaking projects.

How do you get people to visit the engagement website in the first place?

Engagement websites should be accompanied by an intelligent outreach campaign to get people there in the first place, which isn't usually as simple as doing a mail-drop or creating some social media promoted content. This demands a deep understanding of the community that you are engaging with, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We always do some initial research on the profile of the community for each project and include a suggested outreach strategy in our initial proposal, to give you the confidence that the people that matter will have the best possible opportunity to get involved.

What else do you offer in addition to digital engagement tools?

We can advise on broader engagement strategy, drawing on several years of 'at the coalface' experience working on planning, transport, urban regeneration and energy projects to become a valuable member of your project team. We can also assist with stakeholder mapping, social media promotion campaigns, print publicity and digital design to supplement our engagement websites and bolster participation by the community.

How do your engagement websites look and feel?

We custom brand our engagement websites to your specific requirements, including fonts, logos, colours, graphics and content. Many of our engagement websites have common technical features and tools, but they are designed to integrate seamlessly with the brand and visual identity of your project or organisation.

Can we partner up with Participatr for projects?

We love collaborating with like-minded people across the built environment spectrum. We regularly partner with engagement teams, public relations agencies, town planners, architects and urban designers to complement and add value to the services that they offer.

We'll work with you to articulate our 'joint offer' in your new business pitches, explaining how our engagement websites work within your service offering. We'll also invite you to promote your business with contributions to our blog, and share your contributions through our social media channels. Please Get in touch to find out more about being a Participatr partner.

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