Our focus is on making participation easy and accessible for everyone, not just the naturally loudest

We want to give ordinary people a voice

Our mission is to give everyone a voice in built environment democracy, particularly those naturally excluded by complex, time consuming and intimidating consultation environments.

By making participation more accessible, simple and user-focused, consultation outcomes improve and built environment projects achieve greater social and commercial success.

We are a small team with vast experience

What sets us apart is that our online consultation tools have been developed by a team with over 30 years experience of engagement on planning and development projects.

Our digital platform, which all of our consultation websites are built on, has been built to respond to real-life challenges that our team have faced and continues to evolve as we face new ones.

We love to collaborate with others

We have a strong network of associates, with complementary skills and services, who we team up with on a regular basis to respond to the unique requirements of each project.

If you think we could team up and work well together, get in touch with Paul Erskine-Fox at paul@participatr.co.uk, call +44 (0)117 3182114 or visit Get in touch.
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+44 (0)117 3182114

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