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We’ve also provided some guidance and information along the way to explain how we work and what we can do to achieve a successful outcome, should you choose to accept our proposal.

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Once you’ve submitted this form, we’ll endeavour to respond to you within 2 working days (usually sooner) with a proposal and associated costs. This will set out what’s included, what isn’t included, our assumptions, estimated timescales for delivery and what every element will cost, including extras that you might decide to go for along the way. All the information that you need will be included, with no hidden extras.

If you’re happy with what we propose, we’ll send you a link to a very short form for you to complete, confirming that you would like to proceed. It’s as simple as that. We’ll then get in touch to get any more information that we need and get started as soon as possible.

What you’re looking for

All of our digital participation tools (such as interactive maps, questionnaires or live polls) can be built into a custom-branded standalone website that we create to your specification, or embedded into another website. It might be that you already have a website in place for your project, or there is one already being created by someone else, in which the latter option is probably best.

Either way, your digital platform will include a range of deep-dive feedback analysis, web visitor analysis and simple content management tools to help you manage the consultation and engagement process with ease.

What best describes what you are looking for?

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Which digital tools are you looking to deploy?

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About your project

Please tell us about your project and what you’re looking to achieve. This will help us make recommendations about best practice and what tools we think could be useful for you, based on our experience.

What is the name and location of your project?

Please tell us, in a few words, about your project and what it’s looking to achieve

How many weeks does your digital platform need to be live for?

If you’ve selected ‘More than 12 weeks’, please let us know how long you need the platform to be live for

Our minimum lead-in time from instruction to launching your digital platform is two weeks (10 working days). This allows us to set-up the relevant digital infrastructure behind the scenes, customise the branding, look and feel of your platform to your requirements, curate the content and build in any tweaks or comments from the project team.

How many weeks before your digital platform needs to be live (from today)?

How long have we got to get it live?

About your content

If you're looking to provide information about your project on your digital platform, please let us know what kind of content that you would like to include. We can build in all kinds of content in lots of different formats, so if anything doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories below, please let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

We take your content and make it ‘web-ready’. This means taking content from a document, such as a word document or a PDF and converting it into a format that can be read easily on web browsers across a range of different types of device (such as smartphones, tablets and laptops).

Accessibility for those with sensory or physical impairments is always at the front of our minds. We therefore convert your content into a form that can be read by digital screen readers and other types of software that assist those with disabilities. We follow recognised standards for accessibility to ensure that your content is accessible by all and everyone can get involved.

What kind of content are you looking to include?

Choose all that apply

If you want to include something that isn’t listed above, please let us know

We can also overlay plans, drawings, boundaries and shapes onto an interactive map, and create clickable areas for visitors to your digital platform to find out more about, and have their say on, different parts of your plans. We can also set up this map so that the user can toggle between different layers, such as different geographical areas or different masterplan options, for example. If you’re interested in this approach, let us know and we can explain what’s possible and show you some examples.

If you would like to display information on an interactive map, what would you like this to include?

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About your brand

The key things that we need to know are the domain name (e.g. and the brand guidelines that we need to work to. We’ll need to know these things before we get started on setting up your digital platform.

Fonts are an important part of a brand, and we can import specific fonts to make sure that the brand of your digital platform is consistent across all browsers and internet access devices.

If you need us to use a particular font to create your digital platform, please tell us what it is so that we can determine whether we will need to acquire a licence to use it.

Do you have a preference on the domain name for your digital platform?

This could be, for example - if you’re not sure, type a few suggestions and we can check whether they’re available

Please let us know about any specific branding requirements that you have for this project

This could include logos, fonts and colours - if you have a brand guidelines document, please let us know (or upload it as a PDF using the 'Upload a PDF' button at the end of this form)

If we need to use a specific font, please state its name

If you don't know, please say, and we can resolve this later

About the organisations involved

We don't need to know too much at this stage, just a few key details to help us understand what we need to do to meet the practical, legal and corporate requirements for the commissioning organisation (i.e. the organisation that the digital platform will ultimately represent or communicate on behalf of), and the practical requirements of the procuring organisation (i.e. the organisation that will instruct us and that we will send invoices to).

For most of our public participation websites and embedded digital tools, we use our standard privacy and cookie policy and standard wording for privacy notices. However, some organisations have their own requirements - please let us know if the commissioning organisation has specific requirements and we can factor this in from an early stage to avoid delays to launching the digital platform.

We place huge emphasis on data security and our tools have been ‘penetration tested’ by trained professionals and undergo regular updates to ensure that they can withstand the most sophisticated attacks and attempted intrusions. However, if the commissioning organisation has any specific requirements on this front, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can carry out any necessary technical work early and avoid any delays to launching the digital platform.

It’s also important that we understand the relevant requirements of the organisation that would procure and pay for our services, to avoid any delays to getting started. Please let us know if we will need to include a purchase order reference on invoices - if so, we can only commence work once we have received this, alongside a contact name, email address and trading address for invoicing.

What is the name of the commissioning organisation?

What is the name of the procuring organisation (if different)?

Do you represent the commission or the procuring organisation?

Does the commissioning organisation have any specific data protection or privacy requirements?

Does the commissioning organisation have any specific data security requirements?

Will Participatr Limited need to go through a supplier registration process with the procuring organisation?

Does the procuring organisation require suppliers to include a purchase order reference on invoices?

If so, we’ll need to receive this before we can start work

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