We are working with a specialist retirement-living housebuilder to gather feedback on plans for 17 new homes in Dartmoor National Park

We have used the Participatr platform to build a custom-branded online 'interactive exhibition' of the plans, which is designed to help engage not just with potential buyers themselves, but young families caring for ageing relatives and those looking to move into family homes that could be freed up as a result of new high quality, purpose-built retirement living accommodation.

The website is smartphone and tablet compatible, setting out key architectural images and project information in a clear and concise format that can be digested by people of all ages and life circumstances in the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day.

The project team also benefits from real-time analytics, helping them understand feedback trends and gauge the success and reach of the consultation process, as well as analyse feedback quickly and easily to enable a timely planning submission without delay.

This password-protected 'dashboard' includes an interactive map, showing where participants reside in relation to the development site, as well as pie charts showing the breakdown of feedback by age group and participant type.

The consultation website negates the need for traditional drop-in events and provides a way for the project team to engage positively with the wider community without the associated consultancy and administrative costs.

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