Create a Participatr subscription

We create unique digital platforms for each project or organisation, deploying the right digital tools for the job and customising the look, feel and brand of the platform to your requirements.

We work on a fixed-term subscription basis, where you pay a fixed fee for unlimited customer support, hosting, content management and data management over a fixed time period.

To create a Participatr fixed-term subscription and start the process of building your digital platform, please complete the form below. If you need to extend an existing subscription, please click here.

What does a Participatr subscription include?

  • Top-level domain registration (e.g. to host your digital platform
  • Platform software and database setup on the Participatr web server
  • A project email address (e.g., which can be used to send and receive project correspondence through the project dashboard, a simple webmail interface and or a desktop email client
  • Automatic logging of stakeholder interactions and email correspondence through the project dashboard
  • A fully-customised and W3C 2.1 AA accessible website front end with bespoke branding, logos, imagery and web page structure
  • Setup and deployment of unlimited instances of Participatr’s digital tools (detailed here), alongside unlimited HTML content pages, including text, imagery, video and animations
  • Setting up dashboard access and automatic email notifications for unlimited members of the project team
  • Full access to the project dashboard providing real-time, deep-dive feedback analysis, as well as a full-featured stakeholder CRM, web visitor analysis, email communication tools, on-demand data exports and simple content management tools
  • Unlimited support, covering dashboard assistance, content or technical updates to the platform, and to address any ongoing technical queries
  • Ongoing hosting, domain name registration renewal and secure data storage and management
  • Standard privacy and cookie policy, accessibility statement and website terms of use
  • Service levels in line with our commitments

How does the subscription work and how much does it cost?

The cost of your subscription depends on how long you need your digital platform to be live for. Subscriptions are available in 3 month increments, ranging from 3 months to 2 years in length.

The base cost of the platform is £2,500 (exc. VAT), and the subscription costs £210 (exc. VAT) per 3 month period, if committed to up-front, or £120 (exc. VAT) per month if the subscription term is extended beyond the initial subscription term. There are no additional costs throughout the subscription term - everything is included.

We manage the content and digital tools throughout your fixed-term subscription period, and we can set-up certain elements of the platform for you to add, edit and remove content without our assistance if you prefer (including news articles, events, timeline entries, document downloads and content pages). You’ll receive unlimited support and there’s no limit on how many changes we will make to the platform content or digital tools, such as interactive maps, questionnaires, polls or contact forms. We'll be on hand every step of the way.

Can I use one subscription for all of our consultations?

The platform that we create is built to your specification and can host unlimited consultations or engagement exercises, and we can add, edit and remove content and digital participation tools as many times as you need within the subscription period.

The only limitation is that the platform domain name (e.g., email address (e.g. and platform branding (fonts, colours and formatting) needs to stay the same throughout the subscription period (which starts from 1st of the calendar month following the public launch date), otherwise you'll need to buy a new fixed-term subscription.

Can we pause our subscription part way through?

If you want to pause your subscription, we can do so once for up to 3 months (on request) during the whole term of your subscription, including any extension period.

What happens to the digital platform when our subscription is paused or has ended?

We will keep your platform in place for up to 3 months from the end of your fixed-term subscription period, and you can choose to extend your subscription at any point during your fixed-term subscription period or within the 3 month period after your subscription ends.

If your subscription is paused or has ended, public access to the platform will remain in place for 3 months from the pause or subscription end date, but you won’t receive customer support or have dashboard access during this period.

Platform data, including content, images, stakeholder data and feedback collected through the platform, will be retained for 3 months after the end of the subscription term and deleted in full at the end of this 3 month period if the subscription is not extended before the end of this period.

What happens after I’ve completed this form?

We’ll get started straight away. If we need any further information or resources, we’ll let you know.

About you

We just need these details so we can contact you in relation to the subscription. Contact details for commissioning and invoicing purposes should be included in the next section.

Your fixed-term subscription

If Participatr needs to be registered as a supplier or a purchase order needs to be created, please ensure that these steps are completed before submitting this form. Key details about our company are as follows:

Our registered business address: Participatr Limited, 13-14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH
Our company registration number: 12137044
Our VAT registration number: GB373657760
Our DUNS reference: 225261326

If you require further information to register Participatr Limited as a supplier and/or create a purchase order, please contact

Which fixed-term subscription do you require?

Prices quoted excluding VAT at 20%

Trading name of organisation to be invoiced

Invoice contact name

Contact name to be included on invoices

Invoicing postal address (including postcode)

Postal address to be included on invoices (please note that all invoices will be sent electronically by email in PDF format)

Invoicing email address

We will send a PDF invoice to this email address

Purchase order reference (if required)

If a purchase order reference is required on invoices, we must receive it before we commence work

Invoicing instructions (if applicable)

What are our terms?

  • We will commence work only upon receipt of full, project-specific invoicing details submitted via this web form, including a purchase order reference if this is required for invoicing purposes
  • We will invoice for the full fixed-term subscription amount upon public launch of the digital platform and payment is required within 30 days
  • The subscription fixed-term is calculated from the 1st of the calendar month following the public platform launch date and ends on the last day of the calendar month to which the subscription runs (e.g. if the public launch date is 15th May, a 6 month subscription would end on 30th November)
  • If payment for the full fixed-term subscription is not received within 30 days of public platform launch, we reserve the right to temporarily revoke access to the platform front-end and dashboard until full payment is received
  • Extensions can made to existing agreements at any point during or within 3 months of the end of the subscription term, charged at £120 + VAT per full or part month in advance, using this simple form
  • Changes to the domain name or branding (fonts, colours and formatting) of the digital platform can not be made after public launch - these changes will be subject to a new agreement
  • Once an agreement ends or is paused, the platform dashboard will no longer be accessible and the platform front-end will remain accessible by the public for 3 months after the agreement end or subscription pause date
  • Platform data, including content, imagery, stakeholder data and feedback collected through the platform, will be retained for 3 months after the end of the agreement and deleted in full at the end of this 3 month period if the subscription is not extended before the end of this period
  • Replacement or additional domain name registration is charged at £20 + VAT per domain name

By submitting this form, you accept the terms listed above. If you have any questions or queries about any of the terms listed above, please email