The Participatr Placemap is a new, free-to-use, open resource for communities, civic leaders, local government and developers to map, invite feedback and build support for built environment initiatives

Anyone can pinpoint a bugbear that they would like to see addressed, an idea that they have for improvement, a policy proposal or development plans. The location could be a public space, a building, a footpath, a cycle route, a building site or anywhere in the public realm, anywhere in the world. Once pinned to the map, a simple web link is generated to share the initiative with friends, family, neighbours and social media followers to find out more, send their comments and show their support.
Here's how you can make the most of the Participatr Placemap:


Anyone can highlight a built environment bugbear and use the simple web link generated to share it with friends, neighbours and social media followers, who can to show their support by clicking the green 'thumbs-up'. This helps highlight the issue to decision-makers, demonstrate the weight of community feeling behind it and encourages them to do something about it.

Civic leaders

Elected members, Neighbourhood Planning groups, community champions and special interest groups can generate a simple web link to share their constituency or area of interest on the map and invite the community to highlight their suggestions for this area and support suggestions made by others. This insight can help inform community-led plans, policies and pledges.

Local government

Officers can upload policy documents, pin them to their relevant location and share using a simple web link for the community to send comments and show support, helping to understand community sentiment before adoption. They can also use a simple web link to invite suggestions for an area of the map, informing the evidence base for policies and plans.


Developers can drop a pin on their proposal site, upload a CGI or masterplan image, upload their PDF plans and include a link to further information. They can then use the simple web link generated to share the plans with the community to submit comments and show their support. This helps developers gather feedback and demonstrate support for their plans to decision-makers.

Click here to explore the Participatr Placemap. For more information or guidance on using the Placemap, please Get in touch.

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